BLOG REVIEW: Right Now by Marie Hall

21y.o. heroine is almost unrecognizable now from her geeky, shy, & conservatively-dressed self in high school. She has tattoos, piercings, and works as a body piercer at a tattoo parlor.
It's no wonder that 23y.o. slightly-drunk Hero doesn't recognize her at all. In fact, he doesn't remember ever meeting her & she tries to not be to affected by it. He's drunk, unsure about either getting a tattoo or a body piercing, and he’s hitting on her. She knows he’s still a player and takes his flirtations lightly. 
Hero may be slightly drunk but he is overwhelmed by his powerful attraction to heroine. There’s just something about her that captivates him. He wants her in his life but doesn’t know how to go about it. 
And he doesn’t know if he really wants her to know the full truth about him. It doesn’t take long before his long-held family issues interfere with their budding relationship and he resorts to his usual escape pattern.  She’s always known there was something dark he was struggling with since high school and she doesn’t want to be used to help him forget. How much will Hero share with her and can she handle it?

There were many different facets to the story and characters. Yet it was written in simple language that was easy to follow. The writing was insightful and allowed us to get to know the main characters' well. The dual POVs(point of views) of heroine and Hero helped. I liked how the characterization was woven into the romance. It was like a graceful dance, where the change in one flowed with a change in the other. Let's take the sex scenes, for example. The first one had no details and just general info that Hero and heroine had sex. At this point of the book, Hero was using sex to escape from issues that were triggered by contact with his parents. There was very little or no emotional intimacy on his part, including sex for the first time with heroine. When he later face his issues & emotions more, the sex scenes were more detailed & showed their emotional intimacy. Hero and heroine were connecting on all kinds of levels & not just sexual. And the way it was written extended this connection to us, the readers. We got to feel their love for each other. 

Hero and heroine had a solid romance. A lot of this was due to the growing up they had to do along the way. Both of them had family issues that shaped their young lives. Hero battled some major issues since childhood that drove him to escape in different ways (i.e., humor, sex, alcohol, playing around).  He was focused on escaping in high-school so heroine’s uniqueness passed him by. Now that he was ready and starting to face his issues in therapy his emotional eyes were opening up, so to speak. That’s likely why he now noticed heroine. Heroine also underwent some changes since high school. In high school, she was hiding parts of herself to please her perfectionistic mom.  Since she broke free and became independent, she embraced the wild and creative side of herself and that’s a big part of Hero’s attraction towards her. Their sexual tension heightened and changed in quality as their emotional connection deepened and Hero’s psychological health improved.  

I just wanted to savor this book. It had great emotional depth and character growth.  He abstained from sex weeks wit heroine beyond what his therapist recommended. He wanted to prove to her and himself that his love for her was beyond the physical and from the depth of this being.  I loved that.  And I loved how realistic the changes in him and their romance was portrayed.  It was gradual and with some imperfections. Even the villains in the story didn’t get their just punishment perfectly.  Some things didn’t change because of the choices the characters made. But some things did and life got better. It made Hero and heroine’s HEA(happily ever after) not only more certain but also real.  

I whole-heartedly recommend this book.

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